Welcome to Shure Foods Inc., where we take pride in bringing the world crab as it has never been seen before. We are a North Carolina based company that holds the patent for the technology that brings you Succulent Crab™, the worlds first raw crab product.  Succulent Crab™ is raw crab meat, cold structured so that the product can be cooked, handled and prepared like other raw proteins or seafood.  Having crab in its raw form is allowing chefs to create and explore new culinary applications like never before.

With sustainability as a major focus here at Shure Foods, our founder began working on this technology with the goal of getting more out of our natural crab resource. Succulent Crab™ is the same meat as traditional picked crab meat, but it is in raw form. Raw crab allows us to preserve the natural flavor and juices of the meat, and we get as much as three times the yield. In other words, we use about one third of the resource that the traditional hand picked process would need to produce the same amount of meat!

A Whole New Way to Experience Crab