About Shure Foods

Founded in 2006 Shure Foods was looking for a new way to use crab.  Over the next six years a cold-structuring process for utilizing the raw meat from the succulent decapod was developed and in 2012 a U.S. Patent was granted.  Today the North Carolina based company is making the transition from research and development to sustainable business.

At Shure Foods we are well aware of the headwinds the crab industry has faced over recent years and think that an innovative approach is the right approach for building new value in the industry.  Chefs now have the ability to work with crab as never before offering creative dishes to satisfy hungry patrons!

Please contact us for culinary demonstrations and co-manufacturing opportunities.


Succulent Crab Handling Video

Chef Freddy Ortega demonstrates the basics of handling and cutting Succulent Crab from frozen to thawed.